Book Cover - The Changemaker Ripple Effect by Sarah Boxx

How one person can transform the lives of thousands when driven by passion, purpose and boldness.

by Sarah Boxx

From Amazon:

“Do you believe that real, significant change in our world is possible?

Do you ache to ‘turn off’ the negativity we are constantly being bombarded with and reconnect with a dream that will transform the lives of others?

Then The Changemaker Ripple Effect is for you…

“This inspirational, positive book was a delight to read, and provides the reader stories of other’s success, and tools to begin to create positive change in their own lives and the lives of those around them, creating a ripple effect from their actions.”

—Kathleen Sandoval, First Lady of Nevada

This book shares the stories of some remarkable people who’ve overcome challenges and uncertainty to change lives. Inside you’ll meet:

Ian, a businessman and entrepreneur, who for the past 25 years devoted his life to volunteering and improving the conditions and resources for children and youth.

A young man named Julian, who overcame early life challenges that led him to California, where he built a movement for musicians.

Michelle, who is a triathlete, advocate for exploited children and international human resource consultant.

Gerard and Stacey, a French documentary filmmaker and a U.S. social justice champion, who joined forces for hope.

A woman name Cherie, who grew a small nonprofit organization into a regional force for change and a platform for addressing poverty.

Ten of the key characteristics they share can be possessed or developed by anyone—giving each of us the potential to become everyday heroes in our own areas of the world.”

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