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In a 18th century mansion, once believed haunted, a new life has begun in the 21st century: A local nonprofit of innovative social enterprise and entrepreneurs with global impact that is getting wide attention — with more programs and places to come.

Washington, D.C., named the nation’s number-one city for social enterprise? Ahead of San Francisco, Austin and Boston?

That likely-to-rankle ranking appears in a study by Halcyon Incubator and Capital One, “From the Ground Up: Defining Social Enterprise Ecosystems in the U.S.” The data are from a 2015 survey of 388 social entrepreneurs nationwide. With regard to the “four pillars of a social enterprise ecosystem” — funding, quality of life, human capital and regulation/receptivity — D.C.’s composite score was 71.7 out of a possible 100.

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Richard Selden, Halcyon Incubator