Impact Investing

Investments are made both in projects that will fund our endowments, and in the grantees to whom we provide capital. Every one of these investments is made intentionally and with an eye on potential social impact.

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We are committed to living out our Founder’s legacy and vision in all aspects of our Foundation’s work. Therefore, not only should our grants supporting people and ideas in the Washington, D.C. area be made for the betterment of society, but so should the investments endowing and sustaining our Foundation. This is why we are committed to participating, supporting, and amplifying the growing trend of Impact Investing, pivoting to ensure our investments support positive, impactful business practices.

For more information about the ways we are thinking and engaging with this in our financial portfolio, see:

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We have also recently decided to invest in Rethink Impact, a female-led Impact Investing fund dedicated to investing in ecosystems of change:

“Rethink Impact invests in entrepreneurs, tech platforms, and networks that are ecosystems of change. We seek out traditionally underfunded entrepreneurs and business models that we believe have the potential for outsized financial and societal returns. By leveraging our 50+ years of entrepreneurial and investment experience, we select companies that engage and empower more people to do good through transformative business models for change.

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