The Yeshiva High School

The Yeshiva High School was founded in 1963 by HaRav Gedaliah Anemer zt”l and community leaders so that families in the Greater Wash­ington area would have a local address for their children to receive a quality yeshiva edu­cation with separate divisions for boys and girls. The found­ing concept was to create an institution that would provide a high quality Judaic and general studies high school education. Beginning with a class of six students, the lay committee and rabbonim of the community appointed Rabbi Anemer as Rosh HaYeshiva, a position he held for more than forty years until his passing, to guide the institution with Daas Torah and a vision for the greater Wash­ington Jewish community. Within a few years, YHS expanded to a full high school and in 1980 added the junior high school to become the Yeshiva of Greater Washington.

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March 2, 2021